YF-01Sofia Municipality Programme Europe, which we created seven years ago, turned into a platform for interaction between civil society and local authorities. It developed into an innovative programme for citizen participation in local policies, as well as into a tool for applying European best practices in local government and the public sector.

   With Programme Europe, we started project funding for civic ideas and initiatives for the first time in Sofia Municipality. In this way, we encourage the participation of Sofia citizens in the work for the city. Nongovernmental organizations are part of the dialogue on Sofia’s projects contributing with new ideas and suggestions.

    The successful implementation of Programme Europe is an example of very good cooperation between local authorities and the civil sector, academia, business, creative entrepreneurs, representatives of the European Institutions in Sofia, the cultural centres of the European Union member countries, and this interaction is extremely important for the development of our city. Good ideas are born in partnership.

   Let us continue with joint efforts to build Sofia as a European capital of sustainable development!

   I wish success to all of you who share this cause and work daily for its realization!


Podpis Fan

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